Executive Board

Experienced HHCA leader collaboration

The Executive Board (EB) consists of experienced HHCA leaders that work together to oversee the overall direction of the organization, plan large-scale events for all honors students on campus, apply any necessary changes to HHCA protocols, interview applicants, and address any weekly challenges that may arise. They meet weekly on Fridays. To be appointed to EB, you must serve at least one year on the Leadership Board.

The 23-24 Executive Board at this year's HHC Open House. 


Dr. Lynn Cochran is the Assistant Dean of the Hutton Honors College and acts as the official advisor of HHCA. She works closely with the students on a daily basis to ensure all aspects of the organization are running smoothly and that events represent the Hutton Honors College appropriately. She also acts as a mentor to students, helping them achieve individual leadership growth in the organization.


Students in this role have been closely involved with HHCA for numerous years and use this experience to guide members in all positions of the organization. They lead all board meetings in the organization and work closely with the advisor on a weekly basis. They are responsible for the overall vision of the organization and any disciplinary actions that may need to be taken. They provide feedback to EB and LB members as they grow in the organization. The directors each hold a more specialized position and work together as a team:

  • Director of Education and Membership
  • Director of Programming
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Internal Communication
  • Director of External Communication 

Event coordinators

Event coordinators (ECs) are responsible for planning large scale events for honors students. This includes writing funding proposals, composing budgets, and event logistics. They are crucial resources for council events and take the lead on major HHCA events and programs. They also assist in other aspects of the organization such as attendance, weekly updates, technological needs, etc. Each event coordinator plans at least 2 events each year for all of the students in the Hutton Honors College. These events require months of planning. Recent examples of the events they are responsible for include the Bagel Brunch, HHC Open House, Study Abroad Fireside, Ice Skating, and The Etiquette Dinner.

Neighborhood coordinators

Neighborhood coordinators (NCs) serve as a liaison between the Executive Board and the councils. They oversee each neighborhood, check in on council meetings, and serve as advisors for each council in planning events and managing councils. As experienced HHCA members, they provide valuable advice to new members and guidance in council matters and event planning. Each is affiliated with one neighborhood to provide specific advice, build relationships, and fill a mentorship role. They provide feedback for leadership growth and help new members grow in the organization.

Executive Board positions have been filled for this year. After serving for a year in HHCA, members are welcome to apply for Executive Board for the next year.