About Us

The Hutton Honors Council Association (HHCA) is a network of councils made up of honors students. Each council is responsible for planning events for either their residence hall or upperclassmen interest group. Event planning in our organization is a collaborative effort between multiple members. Whether you are a director or a dorm council leader, you are constantly cooperating and communicating with others on challenging projects. This is an integral part of leadership learning in HHCA. Members of all types of leadership styles and personalities are represented in the organization, providing opportunities for members to learn how diversity can be both a challenge and an advantage in a team. Students from all areas of campus and varied majors are represented, providing new perspectives and opportunities for friendship. This promotes growth in areas of trust, diversity, and cooperation that are essential to any future career.

Beyond providing a stage for professional development, HHCA structure fosters lasting friendships between honors students that can lend to a priceless IU experience.

Each role in the organization is vastly different, challenging students to assume new responsibilities and test their leadership style in varying situations as they move up in the organization each year. This also provides interactions between members of different ages and experience levels, allowing vast opportunities for networking on the IU campus. Communication and self-reflection, two skills that are essential for any kind of professional endeavors, are constantly utilized in this organizational structure.