Member Statements

HHCA experience

Hear from our alumni on what HHCA meant to them.
Headshot of Erin H and HHCA alumni.

My favorite part of HHCA is being able to work on a team of incredibly talented individuals, who not only can plan a killer event, but who can also make me cry from laughing so hard!

Erin H, Event Coordinator Alumni

HHCA provides an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills, while also allowing you to improve the IU community. It has put me in touch with some of the most remarkable people on this campus, and continually leaves me feeling both inspired and empowered to improve both IU and my own life.

Erin W, Event Coordinator Alumni

HHCA consistently creates a supportive community that succeeds in bringing Hoosiers together in all sorts of ways. It is simply one of those organizations that both embodies and exudes the essence of Indiana University life. Few things are as both exciting and meaningful to help bring it to life.

Jack, Director Alumni

[HHCA has] the unique ability to let students experience how to work within the university to make something happen. This exposure can start as early as within your first month on campus!

Carmen, Neighborhood Coordinator Alumni

There are so many different kinds of people in this organization. You meet people studying social work, business, chemistry, spanish, and a variety of other majors. Not a lot of other organizations provide such diversity.

Bri, Alumni