Awards and Grants

Awards & Grant History

HHCA has a rich history of receiving various awards and grants. Presented below is a listing of the various awards & grants received by HHCA.

Student Organization Leadership Award

2017, 2012

This award is given to “organizations that encourage leadership development and promote leadership opportunities for its members, the campus, and community”. HHCA received an honorable mention among all IU Student Organizations.

McKaig Legacy Award

2015, 2013, 2011

Once called the “Student Organization of the Year Award,” this prestigious award is given to an organization that excels in Civic Engagement, Collaboration and Inclusion, and Leadership.

Civic Engagement Award


This award is presented to organizations that place great emphasis on serving the campus, community, country and world. HHCA was selected first among all IU Student Organizations for this award.

Etiquette Dinners and Discussions


In the spring of 2010, the HHCA began an Etiquette Dinner tradition. The first dinner was “Perspectives on Diversity” and featured speakers Provost Hanson, Dean Goldsmith, and Mr. Eric Love, who each shared their personal perspectives on diversity. Students from over 20 diverse student organizations attended this event. Each year since, HHCA's etiquette dinner brings students from organizations across campus together to learn etiquette skills and hear from a distinguished speaker about topics important as students and for our society.

Student Organization Diversity Award


This award is awarded to “organizations that establish a foundation of unique abilities and perspectives within their organization and the community.” HHCA was selected first among all IU Student Organizations.

Metz Grant:


In the fall of 2009, the HHCA received the prestigious $5,000 Metz Grant. We used this grant to carry out a variety of philanthropic events, culminating in a Celebration of Reading Day at Fairview Elementary School, during which each student at Fairview received two books. Fairview is an under-resourced local elementary school, and we were grateful for the opportunity to support their students. The remaining portion of the funds was used to begin a separate organization whose main purpose was to benefit Fairview Elementary and other local organizations that support Fairview. This outreach is now referred to as the Hutton Philanthropic Initiative (HPI).